Thursday, February 8, 2007

India Sioux

Name India Sioux
Name history India Sioux
Family Hombre Bala (father), India Sioux 0 (mother), La Marquesa (uncle), Pirata Morgan (uncle), Verdugo (uncle), Pirata Morgan Jr. (cousin), Rey Bucanero (cousin)
Trained by: Puma (local), La Marquesa, José Luis Feliciano, Hombre Bala
Birth date September 20, 1984 - Nezahualcoyotl
Pro Wrestling Debut: April ??, 2004 - Chimaluacan, Estado De Mexico
Height 1.61m
Weight 53 kilos
Signature moves La Rosa (The attacker puts his victim in a headlock and hammerlock while picking his legs off the mat. The attacker can cranks the arm and head to look for a submision, or drops to his knees to strain the victim's neck. The most famous current user of the move is Misterioso II, who uses an off the top rope variant of the move for his big finisher. )

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