Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Top Ten Luchadoras for August 2009

The most searched for luchadoras in August came out a little different than July.
One female wrestler topped everyone else by quite a bit.....

1. Sexy Star (Sexi Star, Dulce Poly)
Luchadora Sexi Star didnt just show up once, but eleven times under different variations of her name, leading me to believe this young lady is still very popular.
Dulce Maria Garcia Rivas was number two last month.
Heres a kinda funny clip from YouTube of Estrellita and Sexy Star dancing with (I think) Martha Villalobos and Tsunami looking on...until Martha jumps in....

2. Esther Moreno
Veteran luchadora Esther Moreno jumped all the way from eight last month up to two this month.
You have to give Esther credit, she's been wrestling since March 18th, 1984.
How many female wrestlers here keep going into their forties?

3. Martha Villalobos
Another veteran female Mexican wrestler, Martha Villalobos was number one last month, but dropped down to number three this month.
Martha turned 47 this year.

4. Miss Janeth
Everyone seems to like the old school Lucha Libre wrestlers, as yet another veteran Miss Janeth came in at number four, up from number five last month.

5. India Sioux
The lovely (and possibly retired) India Sioux jumped all the way from ten last month to five this month.

6. La Chacala
La Chacala staying on with the Lucha Libre veterans, the consummate heel La Chacala wasn't on the list last month, but came in at six this month.

7. Tiffany
Another luchadora that didn't rank last month, Tiffany, came in at number seven.

8. Irma Aguilar
If Lucha libre has a hall of fame, this lady should be in it. Irma dropped one this month coming in at eight.

9. Marcela
Popular luchadora Marcela dropped from three last month down to nine this month.

10. Pantera Surena
And this really surprised me as another old school lucha libre star Pantera Surena came in at number ten this month.

So there are the top ten luchadoras on this blog for August 2009.

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