Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oyuki - Io Shirai - Lucha Libre AAA

Biba Kasa, Io Shirai, Kitzune Nanoko, lucha libre aaa

A while back I did a write up on joshi puroresu wrestler turned masked luchadora Mio Shirai, or Kitzune Nanoko.
In that entry I mentioned her sister Io Shirai who was wrestling under the name Biba Kasa at the time.
Well here is a little more on Io, who I think now is being called Oyuki in the Mexican wrestling promotion, AAA.
Io of course is one half of the tag team Sexy Purple Thunder Sisters along with her sister.
Although Oyuki is still in the AAA photo gallery, she doesnt have an entry on the AAA roster.

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