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Luchadora - Simply Luscious

Wrestler Name Simply Luscious
Real name Veronica Stevens
Nicknames Ronnie
Name history Simply Luscious (debut - ), Nurse Veronica (TNA, 03)
Trained by Shawn Michaels, Rudy Boy Gonzales, Dory Funk Jr., Steve Corino
Birth date July 19, 1973
Pro Wrestling Debut 2000 - San Antonio, Texas
Height 5'3"/165 cms
Weight 135 lbs/63 kg
Signature moves Death Valley Driver, Springboard Elbow, Tarantula
Titles: ETW Television Title, USA Pro Women's Title, LLF Women's Title

Veronica (Ronnie) Stevens, better known as Simply Luscious, is a female pro wrestler who works on the independent wrestling circuit.

Veronica (Ronnie) Stevens studied karate and ballet before getting into wrestling. She became the only graduate of the Shawn Michaels' Texas Wrestling Academy, where she trained along with Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Matt Bentley and Bryan Danielson. She made her in-ring debut against Chris Marvel in San Antonio, TX, under the name Simply Luscious, a moniker she supposedly got from her ex-husband.

Simply Luscious appeared briefly in WCW in a spot with Tank Abbott, where she received a concussion.

Throughout 2002 Simply Luscious worked Jersey All Pro Wrestling, but made a name for herself in Ring of Honor. On June 22 of that year Simply Luscious joined ROH stable The Prophecy led by Christopher Daniels. At ROH Final Battle on December 28, Simply Luscious was defeated by Alexis Laree. Later that night, she would leave the Prophecy to join Steve Corino's new Group and feud with the Prophecy.

In 2003 Luscious was brought up to work for the NWA:TNA promotion, she was given the new ring name Nurse Veronica and became the leader of an all-female faction known as "Bitchslap" with Tracy and Valentina. Ronnie Stevens would go on to turn down a two-year contract with TNA, hoping to someday sign with World Wrestling Entertainment or a company in Japan.

Throughout 2004 and 2005, after returning to her Simply Luscious ring name, she has worked in indy promotions all across the world, some highlights of her travels have included: on February 14, 2004 Simply Luscious beat Sumie Sakai to become the USA Pro Women's champion; during the summer of 2004 she spent time in Mexico working for LLF and CMLL; and she also occasionally works in Zero-One Japan with a heel referee gimmick as well as wrestling.

Stevens returned to the Texas Wrestling Academy in 2006, and spent from May to July training in preparation for a WWE try-out in mid July.


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