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Luchadoras in La Legión Extranjera (the Foreign Legion)

In the Mexican wrestling promotion, Asistencia, Asesoría y Administración (AAA), there is a stable of wrestlers called La Legión Extranjera (the Foreign Legion) led by Konnan.
The membership of La Legión Extranjera rotates and changes frequently, and it's basically made up of foreign wrestlers wrestling in Mexico as heels.
Most of the membership is male, but there have been quite a few North American female wrestlers that have gone down there and competed as Luchadoras.
Some have been semi-regulars, while some have only made one or two appearances with the stable.
Interestingly, most of these ladies came from TNA and/or Shimmer.

So here are some of the female wrestlers that you may know from up here, that have at one time or another been members of La Legión Extranjera.

Luchadora - Rain
Rain (Bonnie Maxon) made her debut for Asistencia, Asesoría y Administración (AAA) as a member of La Legión Extranjera in 2009.
She regularly teams with Jennifer Blake (or Jennifer Blade) there.

Nicole - Roxxi
Roxxi (Nicole Raczynski) also made her debut in La Legión Extranjera in 2009.
Though she was advertised as a member of the stable, as far as I can tell she only made one appearance.

Masked luchadora Goddess (Canadian wrestler Aurora) also only made one appearance with La Legión Extranjera.

Luchadora-Angel Williams
Angel Williams
Angel Williams (Lauren Williams or better known by her fans up here as Angelina Love) appeared in La Legión Extranjera in 2007 as Canadian Angel.

Luchadora-Christy Hemme
Christy Hemme
TNA Knockout Christy Hemme did at least one show in AAA as a guest member of La Legión Extranjera.

Luchadora-Traci Brooks
Traci Brooks
Former TNA Knockout Traci Brooks was also a guest member of La Legión Extranjera.

Luchadora-Lorelei Lee
Lorelei Lee
Wrestlicious' Tyler Texas (Lorelei Lee) appeared with Jennifer Blade at AAA's Heroes Inmortales 3 in Monterrey.
Konnan, Jennifer and Lorelei interfered in the Luchas de Apuestas (hair vs. hair match) match between Chessman and Electroshock.

Luchadora-Jennifer Blade
Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Blake (Girl Dynamite or Jennifer Blade) regularly teams with Rain in La Legión Extranjera.

Luchadora-Ayako Hamada
Ayako Hamada
TNA Knockout Ayako Hamada made some appearances in 2007 and 2008 with La Legión Extranjera.
Oddly, she was cast as a foreigner, but Ayako was born in Mexico City.

Luchadora-Christina Von Eerie
Christina Von Eerie
Christina Von Eerie made her debut as a member of La Legión Extranjera at the Rey de Reyes show in March 2010.

Luchadora-Tiana Ringer
Tiana Ringer
Tiana Ringer made a guest apparance in La Legión Extranjera when she teamed up with Traci Brooks at the TNA Vs AAA event and defeated Estrellita and Tiffany.

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