Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Top Ten Most Searched for Luchadoras in July

The top ten most searched for luchadoras on this blog last month was another surprise.
Each month the list changes drastically and it looks like last month, the "Old School" dominated....

1. Martha Villalobos
Old School ruda Martha Villalobos topped the list last month after slowly working her way the the other female lucha libre stars over the months.
"La Diva" seems to still be very popular with Lucha Libre fans.

2. Sexy Star (Sexi Star, Dulce Poly)
Sexy Star is almost always in the top ten of the lucha women.
Maybe it's that dance she does when she gets in the ring.

3. Marcela
I just did a write up on Marcela over at my other luchadora blog because she was so popular.
It looks like she is here as well.

4. Miss Janeth
Another old school heel that is still very popular.
Remember, it's pronounced Jeanette, not Janet.

5. Diana la Cazadora
The lovely CMLL tecnica came in fifth last month.

6. Irma Gonzalez
7. Irma Aguilar
Another blast from the past as Irma Gonzalez and her old tag team partner Irma Aguilar came in six and seven.

8. Esther Moreno
People don't seem to be able to get enough of the classics.

9. Chikako Shiratori
The lovely Chikako Shiratori held the CMLL Japan Women's Womens Wrestling Championship twice

10. India Sioux
India Sioux may be one of the most attractive luchadoras, but according to what The Cubs Fan told me, she is a new mother and may have said good-bye to Lucha Libre.

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Thorsten said...

Miss Janeth and Diana la Cazadora both rock. Love Janeth's shiny pantyhosed legs!

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