Saturday, April 2, 2016

Taya Valkyrie vs Cage in a No DQ Match - Lucha Underground

 You know how in the WWE when a male WWE Superstar confronts a WWE Diva, the Diva usually goes into a fetal position and another male WWE Superstar has to rescue her?
Well that is NOT the case in Lucha Underground.
AAA Luchadora and Lucha Underground star Sexy Star has fought men since the get-go and now her BFF Taya is doing the same thing.

Yeah, Taya got in the ring with HIM!

Of course inter-gender matches happen a lot in Mexico and they even have a Mixed Tag Team title there.
But here in the US it has been a different story except for the Indies and Lucha Underground.
Taya may get her butt kicked, but she gives it 110%

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