Friday, April 13, 2007

Luchadora: India Sioux

Name India Sioux
Family Hombre Bala (father), India Sioux 0 (mother), La Marquesa (uncle), Pirata Morgan (uncle), Verdugo (uncle), Pirata Morgan Jr. (cousin), Rey Bucanero (cousin), Máximo (husband)
Trained by: Puma (local), La Marquesa, José Luis Feliciano, Hombre Bala
Birth date September 20, 1984 - Nezahualcoyotl
Wrestling Debut April ??, 2004 - Chimaluacan, Estado De Mexico
Height 1.61m
Weight 53 kilos
Signature moves La Rosa

India Sioux is a female tecnica in CMLL. Early in 2006, she was a pretty regular presence on CMLL cards, but she's currently in Arena Coliseo DF or Arena Mexico about once a month.

India isn't a finished product in the ring, but still seems to be learning and shows promises. She's a very appealing tecnica.

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