Friday, April 27, 2007

Marcela - Mexican Female Wrestlers

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Name: Marcela
Real name: María Elena Santamaría Gómez
Name History: Marcela (debut - )
Trained by: Panchito Villalobos, Rafael Salamanca, Franco Colombo, Jose Luis Feliciano, Satanico and Fantastik
Born: May 31st, 1971 - Mexico City
Lucha Libre Debut: December 1985 - Actopan, Hidalgo
Height: 155cm
Weight: 60 kilos
Signature Wrestling Moves: Plancha Suicida (diving on an opponent outside the wrestling ring), the La Tapatía (Romero ceiling hold), Kentucky Bomb (Pump Handle into a Power Bomb), Shinzaki Praying Ropewalk Chop (Kinda like The Undertakers "Old School" move) and the Michinoku Driver (a sitout scoop slam piledriver).
Titles Held: Distrito Federal Women's Wrestling Title (current), CMLL Women's Wrestling Title (2, current)

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