Monday, April 30, 2007

Miss Janeth - Lucha Libre Wrestling

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Name Miss Janeth
Real name Janet Fragoso Alonso
Nicknames La Bruja (The Witch)
Name history Janeth (debut - 02/96), Miss Janeth (02/96 - )
Family Paco Alonso (uncle), Zuleyma (sister) Kato Kung Lee Jr. (Brother in law)
Trained by: Zuleyma, Raúl Reyes, Pepe Casas
Birth date January 14, 1973 - Mexico City
Wrestling Debut February 25, 1990 - Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
Height 5'5"/165 cms
Weight 145 lbs/66 kg
Signature Wrestling moves Northern Lights Suplex, Power Bomb, Thesz Press
Titles: UWA World Women's Wrestling Championship (2?), 2006 AAA Reina de Reinas

A hair vs. hair match was scheduled at AAA Triplemania in 1994 between Sherri Martel and Miss Janeth but the match was rejected.

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