Thursday, March 15, 2007

Diana la Cazadora - Mexican Female Wrestlers

luchadora, luchadoras, mexican female wrestlers Name: Diana la Cazadora (Diana the Huntress)
Trained by: Carnicero Aguilar and Centurion Negro
Born: January 16th, 1978
Pro Wrestling Debut: August 24th, 1997
Signature Moves: Cartwheel
Titles: LLF Junior Title, LLF Tag Team Titles (with Nikki Roxx), Monterrey Women's Title
female mexican wrestlers, wrestler, wrestling Diana is a CMLL tecnica, although she spends more of her time in Monterrey. She's a beautiful woman and popular, but hasn't yet matured as a luchadora.
mexican wrestling, lucha libre, womens wrestling Diana spent the end of 2005 and early 2006 out of the ring, due to a broken leg. Diana's a motorcycle based traffic reporter in Monterrey in her other job, and she was hit while covering another accident.
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