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LLF promoter loves his luchadoras

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LLF promoter loves his luchadoras

MONTERREY, Mexico - Nestled in the Sierra Madre mountains in the state of Neuvo Leon, lies the city of Monterrey. It is the third largest city in Mexico, holding the proud distinction of being the industrial heart of this nation of over 100 million people.

Driving through the city, one can see the entrepreneurial spirit that has taken hold here. Modern amenities such as office buildings, hotels and malls dot the urban sprawl. Consumers here have little problem finding a diverse selection of modern products to choose from.

But this community holds another distinction; that of being the home of Mexico's only all-women's lucha libre promotion.

Owned by Monterrey business man Luciano Alberto Garcia de Luna, the Lucha Libre Femenil (LLF) promotion recently celebrated its third anniversary. For de Luna, his passion for lucha libre started in childhood.

"I have followed wrestling for many years," said de Luna in an exclusive interview with SLAM! Wrestling. "When I was a boy, I would go with my father to watch wrestling. To me it was spectacular."

It was those early years that de Luna was privileged to watch the many lucha libre stars do battle in the squared circle. Included among those he saw were a select few women wrestlers (luchadoras). They included such names as Lola Gonzales, Irma Gonzalez, Irma Aguilar and Sirenita.

"It was something very different to see women wrestling," recalled de Luna, explaining that women wrestlers were not a common thing to see at many lucha shows. "They were very good wrestlers."

In time, de Luna grew into manhood, all the while continuing to enjoy wrestling. But he also noticed a disturbing trend with many lucha promotions not having any women wrestling. "For me, to not have women wrestling on a show is incomplete," de Luna said.

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