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Luchadoras contra el Robot Asesino

Luchadoras contra el Robot Asesino

Luchadoras contra el Robot Asesino
(Never released in an English-dubbed version)

Luchadoras contra el Robot Asesino introduces the viewers to two new wrestling women, Gaby (Regina Torne) and Gema (Malu Reyes). As this was the first of the wrestling women series to be shot in color, it was also the first to be released on video.

Dr. Orlak, your typical loony scientist, makes a robot to help him with his dastardly schemes. Also assisting him are his assistant Waldo and a Frankenstein-like monster named Carfax. Orlak is kidnapping scientists to help him perfect a device that will turn regular people into robot-slaves. One captured scientist balks at helping Orlak and he's unceremoniously killed for his refusal. This scientist's niece is Gaby, a popular female wrestler. She and her partner Gema, are joined by two policemen Arturo (Joaquin Cordero) and Chava (Hector Lechugo) in their quest to bring the killer to justice. They all go to Orlak's hideout where they're captured and fitted with special bracelets made of "Acridium." These bracelets subject them to Orlak's will, in effect making them human-robots. Gaby manages to remove her bracelet and she places it on the real robot. This causes the mechanical man to go berserk, wreck Orlak's lab and kill Waldo (as well as some of the captive scientists). The robot is finally destroyed and Orlak is mad (in addition to being insane). He swears revenge on Gaby. This revenge takes the form of his latest creation, a masked-super-human-female-wrestling-robot named Electra. He sets up a match with Gaby. During the bout, Orlak is discovered and he tries to escape. He and his creation climb to the top of the arena, where they both fall to their death.

As was a common practice during the late 1960s (in films like, Santo en el Tesoro de Dracula) Luchadoras contra el Robot Asesino was also released in a pornographic version (with added nude footage). The "sex" version was called El Asesino Loco y el Sexo, and was exported for foreign markets only. The monstrous Carfax has an expanded role in this version, as it is he who get's the tough job of tearing women's clothing off.

Luchadoras contra el Robot Asesino

The top-billed Joaquin Cordero and Regina Torne were new to the Luchadora series, but not to Mexican genre films in general. Cordero starred in; La Loba, Orlak, el Infierno de Frankenstein, Monstruo de los Volcanes, a pair of Dr. Satan films and the first two Santo outings. Torne showed up in; Los Canallas (with Mil Mascaras), Blue Demon y las Invasoras, Rocambole vs las Mujeres Arpias, Pacto Diabolica and Senora Muerte (the last two with John Carradine). While not available in an English version, Luchadoras contra el Robot Asesino is well worth seeking out. There are far worse ways to spend 80 minutes.

Joaquín Cordero ... Dr. Orlac
Regina Torné ... Gaby
Héctor Lechuga
Malú Reyes ... Gemma
Carlos Agostí
Genaro Moreno
José Elías Moreno
Isela Vega
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
Andrés Soler
Agustín Martínez Solares
Pascual García Peña
Eduardo MacGregor
René Barrera
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Gloria Chávez ... Berthe (as Gloria Chaves)
Gerardo Zepeda ... Carfax, the monster (as Gerardo Cepeda)
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