Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dark Angel (Sarah Stock) - Lucha Libre Wrestling

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Name Dark Angel
Real name Sarah Stock
Nicknames Sara la Canadiense
Name history Sarah Stock (debut - ), Sarah Stone, Sarah Swayze, Natasha Graves, Sweet Sarah (07/02 - 09/02), Sarah Griffin (10/02 - 10/03), Dark Angel (10/03 - ), Sara la Canadiense (2004)
Trained by: Eddie Watts, Phil LaFon, Diluvio Negro I, José Luis Feliciano
Birth date March 4, 1979 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Pro Wrestling Debut February 22, 2002 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Lost mask to Princesa Sujei - April 2, 2004 - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Height 5'4"/162 cms
Weight 123 lbs/56 kg
Signature wrestling moves Tapatía, Camel Clutch, Wakigatame, Tiger Driver
Titles: Calgary: Can-Am Wrestling Federation Woman's Wrestling Title, LLF Juvenil Title, Nuevo Leon State Women's Wrestling Title, FILL Women's Wrestling Title.

Sarah is one of several Canadian wrestlers that have hit it big wrestling in Mexico.

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