Sunday, February 15, 2009

The WWC Women's Wrestling Championship

Wendi Richter, the first ever WWC Women's Wrestling Champion

In the US, lucha libre is associated with Mexico.
But there are other countries where lucha libre is popular.
For example, Puerto Rico.
In Puerto Rico the two big wrestling promotions are The World Wrestling Council (WWC) and The International Wrestling Association (IWA).
Both of these wrestling promotions have luchadoras.

The World Wrestling Council has a Women's Championship that has been contested since May of 1987.
Their first ever champion was Wendi Richter. She defeated Monster Ripper in a tournament to become the first champion.
Then Monster Ripper turned around and took the title in the same year defeating Wendi.
Wendi Richter reclaimed the title, defeating Monster Ripper in Trinidad and Tobago on July 28, 1987.
Richter left the promotion and the title was vacated.
Monster Ripper got the belt back after defeating Candi Devine in a tournament on July 7, 1990 in Bayamón, PR.
Sasha got the belt on October 13, 1990 and she and Monster Ripper traded the belt back and forth like this:
Monster Ripper won it on November 10, 1990, Sasha got it back on December 15, 1990, Monster Ripper took it back on March 9, 1991, Candi Devine stepped in and broke the streak on May 11, 1991, Monster Ripper defeated her and took the belt back on September 9, 1991and Sasha in turn won it back on October 5, 1991.
Then La Tigresa broke everything up by winning the title from Sasha on April 26, 1992.
Due to some controversy, the title was held up after a match on June 13, 1992 between La Tigresa and Sasha.
There was a rematch set for July 22, 1992, but Sasha no showed and the belt went to La Tigresa.

To be continued.......

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