Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top Ten Luchadoras for June

Sexi Star, number one last month.

There has been quite a turnaround since the last time I did a Luchadora top ten list.
Last time I did one back in May, the rankings looked like this.....

2. Goddess
3. Dark Angel
4. Marcela
5. Amapola
6. Sexy Star
7. Estrellita
8. Rosa Negra
9. Medussa
10. La Hechicera

But all of that has changed now and last month's most searched for female Lucha Libre stars are.....

1 Sexy Star (Sexi Star)
Trained by the late, great Abismo Negro.
Sexy Star came in 6th last time but came in at number one this time.
2. Perla Negra
The daughter of Pirata Morgan.
3. Luna Magica
CMLL Luchadora.
4. La Chacala
One of the best brawlers in Lucha Libre.
5. Cynthia Moreno
Famous Asistencia Asesoría y Administración luchadora.
6. Ayako Hamada
Luchadora now signed with TNA.
7. Irma Gonzalez
A blast from the past. I was really shocked she came in on the list.
8. Lady Apache
Another classic luchadora.
9. Martha Villalobos
A classic heel (or rudo) that I was kind of surprised to see on the list.
10. India Sioux
A lovely Luchadora that I'm surprised isnt any farther up the list.

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