Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The WWC Women's Championship, Part Two

Amaryllis won the belt on August 9, 1992 in Ponce, PR, but then the title was vacated in October, 1992 when Amaryllis left the WWC.
Sasha won the belt again on November 22, 1992 in Caguas, PR by defeating La Tigresa.
On April 17, 1993, La Tigresa took the title for the third time when Sasha no-showed for their rematch.
On February 25, 1998, Tigresa was arrested, and the title went vacant again.
The title was retired on March 1, 1999, but on March 25, 2006, Génesis won a Battle Royal to become the new champion when the title was revived.
And then the title was vacated on May 6, 2006...AGAIN!
On May 6, 2006, Lady Demonique was awarded the belt after she defeated Black Rose. Then Black Rose won it, Demonique won it back until Génesis got the title back again on September 30, 2006.
This was followed by Demonique winning it back for the third time, Black Rose beating her for the title, Amazona in turn defeating Black Rose, Génesis winning the title back for her third time, Killer Kat winning the belt and finally Sweet Nancy winning the title on January 24, 2009.

Here's a video of Sasha wrestling La Tigresa back in 1992.

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