Monday, April 27, 2009

Sarah Stock DID Go To TNA

Sarah stock-tna-wrestling

Well I made an entry and again it happened.
This is getting weird.....
So just in case I'm on to something here.....
I am a millionaire!
Sorry, it just seems like every time I report on something it seems to happen within a week.

ANYWAY...LOL...right after I did my last entry on Sarah Stock and TNA, she debuted!
Yes "The Dark Angel" had a match with Awesome Kong in a match taped for Xplosion.
Sarah came up short, but c'mon, she was wrestling Kong!
But dont feel bad, the next night in another dark match, Sarah defeated Taylor Wilde.

Sarah still isnt on the TNA roster at their website ( that I said that she'll be there by Friday) yet, even though they wasted no time getting Jenna Morasca on there.

So will we see Sarah in CMLL again?
To keep up to date with Sarah, you can visit her website here:

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