Friday, May 1, 2009

Top Ten Luchadoras for April

First up, since I haven't done this in awhile, here are the top ten most searched for luchadoras on this blog last month.....

tiffany-lucha libre

The number one most searched for luchadora on this blog last month was Asistencia Asesoría y Administración's Tiffany.
2. Goddess
3. Dark Angel
4. Marcela
5. Amapola
6. Sexy Star
7. Estrellita
8. Rosa Negra
9. Medussa
10. La Hechicera

Second, The IWG Promotion (International Wrestling Group) is trying to gear up their luchadora division. Back on April 3rd, they held an open casting call looking for luchadoras.

And finally, over at Claudia Wiens' blog, there are some REALLY nice candid photos of luchadoras like Sexy Star and Sarah Stock.
It's really worth checking out.

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