Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The CMLL World Women's Wrestling Championship

The CMLL World Women's Wrestling Championship has a long and illustrious history.
Some of the biggest stars in lucha libre have held the title.

Bull Nakano won the title first on June 12, 1992 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal. She defeated Lola González after she and Lola had both become finalists in a 12-woman battle royal.
Xóchitl Hamada defeated Bull Nakano on March 21, 1993 to take the title.
Then La Diabólica defeated Xóchitl Hamada on October 10, 1993.
Reina Jubuki (a masked Akira Hokuto) beat La Diabólica on July 30, 1994, but was stripped of the title on November 4, 1996, because she wrestled in a match against Madusa on WCW Monday Nitro.
Lady Apache then won the title on November 8, 1996 after winning a four-woman tournament.
She held the title until February 6, 1997, when Mariko Yoshida defeated her in Tokyo, Japan.
Mariko Yoshida was stripped of the title in February 1999 for not defending it.
Lady Apache got it back, but then lost it again on August 18, 2000 because she jumped ship and went to AAA.
The title was given back to La Diabólica, till she was stripped of it as well for doing the same thing Lady Apache did, going to the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA).
Another 12-woman tournament was held on on September 9, 2005, and Marcela defeated Dark Angel (Sarah Stock) in the finals to take the title.
(Raven) Hiroka defeated Marcela on June 9, 2006 to win the title, and held it till she was defeated by the returning Lady Apache on Christmas Day in 2006.
Lady Apache held it until November 16, 2007, when she was defeated by Amapola in Mexico City.

Since then, Amapola has manged to hold onto the title, defending against other great lucadoras like Luna Magica, Marcela, Dark Angel, Princesa Blanca and Lady Apache.
Also Amapola is technically still the IWRG Intercontinental Women's Wrestling Champion.

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