Wednesday, January 7, 2009

IWRG Intercontinental Women's Wrestling Championship

IWRG, Grupo Internacional Revolucion or International Wrestling Revolution Group (English version of the promotion name) is an independent Lucha Libre promotion based in Naucalpan, Mexico.
They have a women's title belt listed as being held by Amapola, but the listing doesn't appear on the IWRG website.
Close to the end of 2007, Amapola stopped wearing the belt to matches. But up until 2007, IWRG had a talent sharing agreement with CMLL. In 2007 that agreement fell apart, and that may account for why Amapola stopped wearing the belt.

The previous history of the IWRG Intercontinental Women's Wrestling Championship goes like this......

Flor Metalica, Marcela, Josseline, Ayako Hamada, La Diabolica, La Amapola, Lady Metal were involved in a Torneo Cibernetico (elimination tag-team matches) that Ayako Hamada won.
In 2003, Ayako Hamada successfully defended the belt against La Diabolica.
In 2005, Amapola evidently beat Ayako for the belt in Japan.
She defended the belt twice against Marcela in 2006 and Hiroka in 2007.

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