Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WWA World Women's Wrestling Championship

WWA World Women's Wrestling Championship

Another title without a clear pedigree in Lucha Libre is the WWA World Women's Wrestling Championship.
But it does have the distinction of changing hands once in another country.
Not Japan but Hungary.

Zuleyma was the first champion. It's unclear if this was done via a tournament or if it was awarded.
Lola Gonzalez defeated Zuleyma in a wrestling match on July 20th, 1991 to take the title at Auditorio De Tijuana.
Then in November of 1991, Monster Ripper (the WWF's Big Bertha) defeated Lola Gonzalez in Hungary for the belt.
Ten years later (?) Ayako Hamada defeated Monster Ripper for the belt in March of 2003.
However, Monster Ripper passed away in 2001, two years before the match supposedly took place. So I am imagining that the title was actually awarded to Ayako.
Ayako defended the belt several times in 2003, but now the title is listed as inactive although she is still listed as the title holder.

I'm wondering if maybe the WWWA World Heavyweight Championship which was in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, wasn't confused with the WWA title since Monster Ripper and Ayako Hamada both held that title at one time.

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